Xenxo S-Ring - The World's Smartest Smart Wearable
Xenxo S-Ring - The World's Smartest Smart Wearable
Xenxo S-Ring - The World's Smartest Smart Wearable
Xenxo S-Ring - The World's Smartest Smart Wearable

Xenxo S-Ring - The World's Smartest Smart Wearable

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Capability with Agility. Aesthetic beauty with Practicality. 

The Xenxo S-Ring wraps technology around your little finger, thereby making your world smarter, secure and more seamless than ever before. The ring's 360-degree functionality is deliberate though, and we - the company co-founder's, would like you in on the 'big why' of the product. Wrap technology around your little finger, accomplish anything and everything by wearing just one little ring – The Xenxo S-Ring. By having specifically developed 12 applications, the ring vests the control of your life in your hands.

Xenxo is one for you, and you are the one who deserves to be a part of the new Generation.

Smart has never been this Smart.

Expert Technicians let us down saying those complicated components cannot be fitted into a ring, but with a passionate and hardworking talented team, we overcame experience proving them wrong. We have managed to pack a powerful microcomputer with more than 94 micro-components, 4 sensors, and a 32-bit controller while maintaining the size as same as that of an ordinary ring.  

Your Safety is in Safe Hands 


Xenxo S-Ring: Prototype (Left) : Alpha Version V2.0 (Centre) : Final-End Model (Right).

Xenxo S-Ring - Alpha Version V 2.0

Xenxo S-Ring: Alpha version V 2.0 (Present Phase, as of April 2018)

Three different shades of the S-Ring you love to look more cool and stylish.

An App To Control, Protect and Secure Your Data. 

"We didn't just design the technology, we crafted it with the solutions"  

Created to overcome present technological problems and stay in line with the future. We are happy to announce that we have successfully made one that might just accomplish everything we have ever dreamed of.

Xenxo S-Ring surpasses 87% of the technological issues that today's world face.

Why struggle carrying those six accessories when “one” can do all that & a whole lot more? Life can be a lot easier!

“It may sound unbelievable to some but adversity often spurs ingenuity”.  

This was the case with us, for you see, the recent spate of unspeakable crimes, especially those towards women, triggered us- the company’s co-founders to invent a wearable device that would promptly and easily address distress SOS calls. But a wearable device offering only an SOS function is not very appealing, is it?

That’s a wrap from Entrepreneurship Business Growth Submit -2018. Was great seeing the users love and excitement towards Xenxo S-Ring.