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WINKCAM is a wearable camera that responds to winking and blinking.

It doesn't simply respond to ordinary blinking, though--you have to give a noticeable wink (or blink, if you aren’t a good winker).

WINKCAM is a new type of camera - let's explore the world with WINKCAM!

- The company was founded out of a simple idea
---- Wouldn't it be great if we could snap photos of our families and friends when they’re acting naturally? Not posing for a camera, but with all the expressions of joy and surprise you have as you actually live your life.
After one year of effort, it is a reality.

By using WINKCAM to snap photos of your children, you won’t get posed, unnatural photos -- you can capture them in the candid moment.
WINKCAM is a tool designed to let you capture life as it happens.
While posed photos with the framing carefully planned are also nice, don’t you want to capture the world before you as you see it? This special camera is designed to let you capture those magic moments.

How you use it is, of course, up to you.

When you catch your family and friends off-guard making an interesting expression or you see a touching scene, whipping out your smartphone to take a pic will be too late.
By the time you’re ready, the moment will have passed. Children grow up very fast. Each and every instance is a precious memory. You can’t let those valuable shutter opportunities go by.

But with WINKCAM, you will never let the moment pass.

You catch a great view as you ride your bike--snap!

Your hands are busy as you cook a meal. Snapping a pic is no problem!

Your hands are full of luggage on a trip. Now you can snap a pic!When watching a sporting event, you don’t want to have your eyes glued to your smartphone -- you want to be able to look up and enjoy the game with your own eyes. In these cases, too... Snap!

- Use casually and coolly

BLINCAM is committed to producing a device that simply attaches to your glasses. We didn’t want to make a massive, multi-function pair of goggles that was expensive. We wanted a more simple and intuitive design that could be used by people everywhere. The product is just 25 grams in weight (about 5 coins), meaning it can be attached to your glasses without discomfort.

We believe that wearable devices should be an extension of fashion. Giant, science-fiction esque devices or helmet-like gadgets can really spoil your looks. We have aimed to create a product that feels at home on your face and that has a UX as simple as it feels.

Getting started:

  1. Download the WINKCAM app and sign up
  2. Follow the instructions to pair
  3. Follow the guidance to begin calibration
     *You will be asked to slowly adjust the position of the WINKCAM while blinking several times and finding the best position for you.
  4. You’re finished!


  1. Put on your glasses.
  2. Set the WINKCAM switch to the on position and attach to your glasses.
    *It will automatically pair with your smartphone.
  3. Wink to snap a photograph.
    *A shutter sound confirms that you’ve taken a picture.
  4. Launch the smartphone app.
  5. Photos are displayed in the order taken; simply flick with your thumb to sort.
  6. Attach the device to your smartphone over USB to mass copy photos.
  7. Share your photos online or on social media.

Since we hit our goal of $30,000, you can choose from five colors; black, white, blue, pink or green! After the campaign we’ll send you an email asking what color you’d prefer.

We're a team of dreamers, designers, engineers and problem solvers. Our goal is to help people to enjoy their life with our technologies and ideas!

The company was founded out of a simple idea--wouldn't it be great if we could snap photos of our families and friends when they’re acting naturally? Not posing for a camera, but with all the expressions of joy and surprise you have as you actually live your life.
WINKCAM is more than a gadget to us. It’s about remembering the world in an entirely new way.

Have you ever noticed that people in pictures from the 1800s are never smiling? The camera technology from those days meant they had to sit still for 15 minutes or more for a single picture, so it was too hard to smile for that long. As a result, the happiness of an entire era of people has been lost with time.