Smart Personal Air Conditioner
Smart Personal Air Conditioner
Smart Personal Air Conditioner
Smart Personal Air Conditioner
Smart Personal Air Conditioner

Smart Personal Air Conditioner

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Cools, humidifies and cleans the air creating your local perfect microclimate.Create your personal microclimate with the flagship device by Evapolar - evaSMARTair conditioner! Application control, tools for automation and Smart Home capabilities make evaSMART a natural fit for your office and home environments. Whether you are an office worker struggling with colleagues for central AC adjustments or a parent looking after kids, a light sleeper or if you just want to reduce your electricity bills, the eco-friendly and energy efficient evaSMART is just right for you.

  • Your Personal Air-Conditioner
  • Air-Conditioner, Humidifier, Air-Purifier ALL IN 1
  • Can be run by USB Power Supply, laptop, power bank and etc.
  • Works with Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Samsung Smart things and etc.
  • No toxic Freon-like liquids consumes only 10W of electricity. Uses fully biodegrable evaporative pads.

Imagine when you are getting home exhausting

Let your kid enjoy the cool air in clean air with perfect humidity

And its color adjustable


 Enjoy your cool air anytime with your favorites

Everyone is unique and has their own preferred temperature. evaSMART is here to ensure a comfortable and healthy environment that allows you to be productive and take care of your loved ones.

Your evaSMART will create a personal comfort zone where you need it most. You can shape the environment around you by cooling and humidifying the air.

This makes Personal Climate Concept a reality!

The next step in developing our revolutionary personal air-conditioners was to make Evapolar devices smarter. Now you can use Evapolar mobile app to change the humidity level and adjust the fan speed any time you want. Managing colour playlists will make your experience even more exciting. evaSMART is fully compatible with the majority of Smart Home systems like Amazon Alexa, so you can integrate all your Eva devices into a single Smart Home ecosystem and manage it using your voice.

 It comes in Opaque White, Coal Black and Stormy Grey.

Elegant and stylish evaSMART looks like a real design piece. Our engineers managed to fit the functionality of an air conditioner, a humidifier and an air purifier into a very compact device. evaSMART is portable and does not require any installation, which makes it an easy-to-use device.

It is a perfect solution for surviving in summer heat and addressing heating caused dryness in winter.