2 Pcs Easy Shoe Organizer
2 Pcs Easy Shoe Organizer
2 Pcs Easy Shoe Organizer
2 Pcs Easy Shoe Organizer
2 Pcs Easy Shoe Organizer
2 Pcs Easy Shoe Organizer
2 Pcs Easy Shoe Organizer
2 Pcs Easy Shoe Organizer
2 Pcs Easy Shoe Organizer
2 Pcs Easy Shoe Organizer
2 Pcs Easy Shoe Organizer
2 Pcs Easy Shoe Organizer

2 Pcs Easy Shoe Organizer

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Product feature

 No matter how big is your closet, space will never be enough to store all your clothes and shoes. Women usually have too many pairs of shoes, some of them might wear, some of them might not, but that’s not the main issue. The real question is How to keep your shoes orderly without taking up tons of space?

Shoe Slots Organizer is a simple but clever solution for making your crowded closet organized and provide you an efficient way to store more shoes. Boost your storage space by adding this creative idea to your home that also works with any and every type of shoes. If you spend a lot of money in your footwear, do not think much about having these Shoe Slots to protect and organize your magnificent shoedrobe

Let your closet become a multifunctional space

Shoe Slots are the best space-saving solution for closets, shelves, racks, cabinets, decks or floor. They provide you an excellent organization while keeping your shoe collection tidy

Try the best storage solution that give you double storage capacity to maximize your wardrobe space. Stack your sneakers, slippers, flats, tennis shoes, sandals or any shoe footwear and size

Feel the satisfaction of free up storage space by stacking your shoes one on the top, one on the bottom without getting dirty or damaged

Find the best way to store your shoe collection in small spaces

Forget the mess when you are moving pairs aside trying to find your favorite sneakers. Line them up for nicely organization and make them easily accessible

Shoe Slots are made of sturdy and durable plastic to hold your shoes for years. They also have a non-slip upper surface to provide a great grip for your shoes soles

Don’t worry if your dusty outsoles mess your Shoe Slots, it’s really easy to clean them, just use some water and soap, let them dry and they will be ready for another pair of shoes

Organization isn’t about perfection, it’s about efficiency

Use as a gift for someone who like having their closet under control, they will love these!

We tend to store a lot of shoes, however, having 50% extra space is the perfect excuse to buy more shoes!
Choose between elegant black and the bright colorful collection to add more fun in your closet!

Product description

  • Material: plastic
  • Size: about 25.5 * 6 * 9.5 * 11.5cm (± 1cm)
  • Material: PP
  • Weight: 200 g
  • Color: black, blue, purple, green, pink, yellow, red, beige
    Get double storage capacity instantly for up to six shoe pair with these slots. Best possible space saving solution for your shoes at bedroom, closet and wardrobe. Stack all your shoes with this modern and fun design.
    Made of high quality and non slip ABS plastic with great grip for your shoes sole, these slots can hold any shoe footwear outfit and size. Get your shoe pair at a glance, stiletto, high heels, sneakers, slippers or sandals.
    You can save space for all your shoe pairs on existing shelves, cabinets, decks or on the floor. Choose between dark and elegant (6 black set) or a more colorful way (red, green, blue, pink, yellow and black)
    Just keep all your shoes well organized and protected. Super easy to clean, just use water and soap. Sturdy and durable material, made to last. Perfect gift for your family, parents or friends.

Package included

  • 2*Easy Shoe Organizer